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The Mystic Mummy by Richard Gerlitz

(c. 2003)

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3 reviews for The Mystic Mummy by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Andy Martin

    All other mummies pale next to these Beauties!

    So with great anticipation I received my Mystic Mummy from Richard Gerlitz yesterday. I was unfortunately put off by something that no one else sees, the bottom of the base was unfinished. Richard, of course, immediately rectified that and the very next day shipped out a painted and finished base – which all subsequent bases will have. That is service the Gerlitz way!

    Now that I have the base out of my head I can sit down and really take in these beautiful Mummies. And they really are beautiful. I have taken 6 sets of photos so far and still not happy with them. But the ones I have will have to do! Not only do they look like a work of art, but there are no moving slides or switches, and no sounds to worry about. My wife loves them too!

    This is the last Gerlitz piece I can afford for a while, but what a way to go! Richard Gerlitz really has created the best version of this effect that I have seen. Compare these with the Taytelbaum Mummies that susposedly sold for $3500 a few weeks ago on ebay and I’d take these any day of the week.

    Richard you are a beautiful man! Thanks for your quality and dedication to your art!

  2. George Guerra

    WOW,,,What a MUMMY!!

    Literally, that was my impression when I unpacked this beauty. I have been an avid collector of Richard’s work and this is one great piece. It’s visually stunning and the method is so smooth and effortless. The apparent "stock" mummies used may put off many but they are, first, beautifully detailed. Second, extensive precision modifications by Richard himself are involved in the mummy and coffins to make this miracle a true handcrafted item. If one read some of the detail steps involved in building this effect, you would no doubt admire Richard’s ingenuity and commitment to excellence, typical of his magic as anyone who owns one his pieces can attest.

    Richard has added "drama" to this effect with more realistic scaled props. The base serves so well as a "ritual altar" and center stage to perform this popular mystery…nice touch, Richard. Richard has probably contributed the best version of this effect, though admittedly I also have a soft spot for the Warner Mummy…just love his magic but that is another story. Richard’s new Mummy definitely requires no awkward moves and quite silent in operation. I would definitely rank the Gerlitz Mummy well above the "toy-like" Taytelbaum Mummy that sold recently on ebay at inflated prices…I am sure to get an outrage over this comment!

    Richard’s work is becoming one hot collectible and a wise investment. Just see the winning bids on his sold-out items in ebay and you will realize this fact. Also, remember Richard only makes 10 to 20 pieces so they are rare and collectors seem to hold on to these babies so few become available again. Most Highly Recommended. Thanks, so much!

  3. James G. Robinson

    Magnificient Mummies

    Richard has outdone himself. The Mystic Mummy is truly exquisite. They are by far the most beautiful set of props I have seen. Simply gorgeous.

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