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Mystery Hole by Masuda

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Watch closely, but not so close that you fall into the mysterious black hole! It begins as a black dot, then it magically moves, then it becomes a hole, and finally the hole disappears!! How can this happen??

Effect: The magician shows a picture of a wine bottle and a glass. He introduces a piece of black paper and a hole punch. Then he punches a hole in the paper. The Magician picks up a small circular piece dropped from the hole punch and explains that it looks like a real hole when it is placed on the photograph. When the magician makes a magical gesture, the circular piece begins to move by itself across the picture.

The magician waves his/her finger under the photo to show that the small piece of paper has turned into a real hole in the photo. Spectators can see his finger through the hole. The magician drags the hole to the edge of the picture and picks it off.

The magician shows both sides of the photo to prove there is nothing irregular about the picture.

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Approx. Price: $49.00 (2005) ***

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