Mystery Castle Penetration (2016) by Thomas Pohle

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In my opinion, this is a nice change of pace from the micro magic he’s been creating lately … although the prop is still small enough to be performed up close. I was concerned that the method involved required the straight ahead view for the spectator as seen in the video. That is NOT the case!  I’m told spectators can be almost to the sides and not see anything so there are no restrictive side angles.

Thomas told me this is the best penetration effect he’s ever created and the mechanics are fairly involved. He told me the bars can be shown securely in place before and between the penetrations. I think it would play best by starting with a ball … then something slightly larger … and finally pushing your hand through the bars for the ending.

I don’t believe he’ll be making many of these. My guess is a limit of 20-25 as with past items.

Please notice, the Castle does not come with any props to push through they are entirely up to you.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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