Missing Thought (Verschwundener Gedanke) by Thomas Pohle

(c. 1992) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Another great close-up item from the German Magic Craftsman: Thomas Pohle.

A baffling multi-phase mental magic effect using a very thin drawer with cover and three chips with ESP symbols. The mechanical drawer is cleverly designed. You can make whichever chip needed vanish while closed. Perfectly crafted as usual by Thomas.

Effect: You introduce a rectangular box with a sliding drawer. You pull out the drawer and the audience sees three chips with ESP Symbols, each in its own recess in the drawer. The chips can be taken out and examined by a spectator. If he so chooses the spectator can also examine the drawer and box.

The spectator places the chips back in the drawer in any order he wishes and pushes it back in the box. Next you introduce three cards that depict the same ESP symbols as the chips. The cards are mixed and then placed face-down on the table. Ask a spectator to select one of the cards and push it forward. When the drawer is removed one ESP chip is found to be missing, let’s assume the one with the star. Now the spectator turns the selected card around and the symbol matches the selected card. You can now reach in your pocket and bring the missing chip back and place it on the table beside the others.

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