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Miser’s Dream Box II and Wand by Louis Gaynor

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A close-up version of the Misers Dream – finally available. From Master Craftsman Louie Gaynor comes a unique effect, using a principle we have never seen before featuring “repulsion technology.” Each and every box is a pain-staking labor of love, which requires eight hours of work and 28 individual pieces to assemble. Each box is constructed from the finest hardwoods – and no two boxes are exactly alike.

This version also comes with this custom crafted gimmicked wand (shown in photo). It’s a brilliant way to also perform the effect. The wand itself is beautifully crafted as only Louie can do! This gives you the choice to perform the effect either using the gimmicked wand, or the other gimmicked method traditionally supplied.

Each box is engineered with amazing repulsion technology that will allow you to perform a myriad of routines that will work either on their own, or as the perfect accessory to the famous and recently re-popularized Misers Dream.

Effect: The performer opens the box showing it empty and dumps it over to prove nothing is inside. He closes the lid and makes a miser’s wish and upon re-opening it discovers a real quarter inside the box! This can be repeated – up to three more times and each time when the box is opened – a quarter appears inside (before – the box is always shown empty). This allows the magician to produce up to four quarters (or other coins of familiar size).

Where do they come from – Ah! A secret gimmick is utilized.

As a finale, the box is closed once more whereupon the miser makes an ever greater wish and sure enough upon opening the lid the box now contains – four half dollars. After which, the magi hands the box to a spectator telling them they can keep the four half dollars, but when the spectator opens the box the coins have VANISHED!


  • Each coin(s) really do appear “inside” the box!
  • There are no fake moves or coin manipulations of any type – the box does all the work!
  • These are genuine coins that can be examined.
  • Other coins can be used (as long as they are not larger then a US Quarter or Half-Dollar.
  • After “each” production, you can show the box totally empty!
  • Features a unique, never before seen gimmick.
  • Each box is constructed with 28 individual pieces, strategically engineered.

You will absolutely be amazed at the mechanics of this marvel – we were. You can perform this item after about 10 minutes of study. Destined to be a collector’s item it is available at this introductory price. No two pieces are alike – designed and signed by Louie Gaynor.

Angelo Carbone c. 2017 released a similar effect to this in high quality cardboard called The Gift.

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Approx. Price: $197.50 (2013) ***

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1 review for Miser’s Dream Box II and Wand by Louis Gaynor

  1. Andy Martin

    Clever, Intricate, and Beautiful

    Joe Stevens’ has a secret weapon and it is the amazing craftsmanship of Louis Gaynor. What a wonderful little box (2.5 inches square) this is. When it is opened it looks very innocent. But amazingly without any funny moves you can produce 4 single half dollars, followed by a climax of 4 more. I have never seen anything quite like this little box. And it is made with very fine tolerances. A lovely example of intricate prop magic.

    This box now comes with a custom wand that can be used instead of the original gimmick. It doesn’t do too much for me but I’m sure some people will like the choice.

    Perfect for collector’s and performers too.

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