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Miracle Number Dice (Di-Cyphering Dice) by Royal V. Heath, National Magic Company

(c. 1927,1947) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Another effect invented by the mathematician and magician Royal V. Heath c. 1927. Heath’s other big hit was Tappit.  This is a great little miracle along the lines of Fantastic Figures of Foo but close-up and with easy to carry dice.

There is a simple calculation that is required but it just involves adding single digits and it can be done easily as you square the dice for the audience to see.  You’ll very quickly be doing this in seconds, and look really smart in the process 🙂

(Notice: Use your own calculator, pad and pen.)

Effect 1: Five dice with different numbers on each face are given to the audience for examination. A spectator is requested to shake them up thoroughly, place them on the table and add up the total of the numbers on the tops of the dice.

This takes quite a little time, in view of the fact that each number is made up of three digits. Nevertheless the performer almost instantly names the grand total before the spectator really has a chance co get started.

Properly performed, the trick is a new miracle.

Effect 2: Another good way to perform the trick is to quickly add up your total and turn away with your back to the spectator.

Then request him to place each die under the other and add up the total giving the impression that you have not had an opportunity to even see the numbers. You then ask him to total up all the columns and write the result on a piece of paper. All this is done with your back still to the spectator.

How ask him to concentrate on the grand total and pretend to read his mind by naming the grand total. This makes an excellent mental effect.

Effect 3: (Requires a Nail Writer.) In this effect you take a calling card and write a number on it which you place in your pocket. You then show the dice, ask the spectator to shake them well, toss them on the table and total up the figures. After he has done this, you ask him to name the total.

You take the calling card out of your pocket and show the spectator that you have written the same number that he told you.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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