Mini Boxed Set (Exotic Woods) by Colin Rose

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Effect: This Delightful Boxed Set of Mini Magic Tricks features Cups & Balls, with a Matching Chop Cup, Spot Paddles,Spot Card,Jumping Peg Paddle,Block & Cord, Snapper & Magic Wand…*The Illustrated Edition features Tulip Wood and Gabon Ebony, the woods are chosen to compliment each other and feature on all the chosen tricks in the set. The Tricks & Effects in this Boxed Set are smaller than our regular lines, and they make exquisite collectables…but they can be used to great effect in Magic Performance, whether you use them in Close Up & Table Hopping or simply to delight your Family & Friends…

Presented in Native English Hardwood ‘Jointed Box’ with Brass Livery, with Brass Five of Hearts Stamp for Provenance.

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Approx. Price: $1060.00 (2009) ***

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