Micro Chop Cup Set by Jim Riser, Dennis Loomis

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Dennis Loomis and James Riser are offering a gorgeous set of Micro Chop Cups. The $100 Combo Set includes two Micro Chop Cups (one copper, one stainless steel), three chop cup balls designed specifically for these cups (two magnetic, one normal), four final load balls, a stainless steel hip flask, a gimmick that allows you to vanish a cup that has been filled with liquid, and a small bag to carry the props. (I should mention that the cups are 1.75 inches tall and the mouth diameter is 1.5 inches.)

Also included is Dennis Loomis’ Chop Cup Routine. This routine is designed for the strolling magician. Because of the size of the props everything can be easily carried in your jacket pockets. The routine uses the magician’s palm as the “tabletop,” so the routine is perfect for cocktail parties. After the production of the final loads an kicker can be performed. Liquid is poured into the cup (that’s what the flask is for). The cup and the liquid vanish. If you perform the liquid vanish some reset will be required. If you don’t perform the liquid vanish the routine resets immediately.

The combination of beautiful cups, easy to carry props, and a no-table-needed routine make the Micro Chop Cups sets a winner all the way around. Be sure to visit the website to see everything that Dennis and Jim have to offer.

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