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Micro Atomic Stock Pile by Limited Edition Magic

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A wonderful version of the Andre Kole illusion created perfectly in a micro version by those great people at Limited Edition Magic.

Effect: A micro version of the very rare floating block illusion known as The Atomic Stockpile. Measuring less than half the size of the original, this set should make a welcome addition to any collection of micro magic. And the routine is a fooler!

The performer displays three solid blocks … one black, one yellow and one red. They are first seen resting on an inverted thin wooden platform. The blocks are stacked and held in one hand, while the other hand shows the platform all around and returns it to the table right side up. The three stacked blocks are then placed near the front of the wooden platform for the start of the effect.

What follows is a series of “balancing acts” using one or two of the blocks. To begin the demonstration, the top red block is slid over very slightly, and the bottom black block just a bit in the other direction, creating a not-so-impossible formation. Realizing the audience is unimpressed, the performer then slides the black block in the other direction and likewise the red block…..which now hangs well over the middle yellow block in a much more puzzling formation. Then it gets strange.

The performer then takes the black block and slides it almost completely out from under the yellow block, closer to the back edge of the platform. The red block is then turned at a right angle to the yellow block so it’s positioned pointing toward the audience! This formation is very puzzling.

So far the balancing act has been impressive, but now it becomes impossible. The performer now slides the bottom black block all the way out from under the middle yellow block, yet the top two blocks defy gravity and do not fall to the platform below! The red block is then centered back on top of the middle yellow block and they continue to float inches above the platform! For the kicker, a small silver hoop (which may be examined) is passed completely over the suspended blocks! A very clever routine.

The construction and casual handling create a very deceptive illusion. And this edition is based on Bill Adams’ improved version with the blocks that have an extra gaff … making the illusion even more puzzling. This is the first version ever offered in a micro size. Each block is only app. 2.5″ x 1″ x .75″ / the platform app. 3″ x 5″ / and the hoop only 3″ in diameter.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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