Mandarin Ring Temple by Michael Baker

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Effect: An absolutely striking Pagoda style cabinet decorated Okito-style but with bright, vivid colors that catch the eye, this is the Mandarin Ring Temple. The beautiful red wand, with gold/black tips, is removed and shown and inserted through the cabinet. A heavy chrome ring is placed on the floor. The doors are closed. Both ends of the wand remain in view. Despite that, the magician does his magic and reopens the doors to reveal the ring now ON the solid wand! The only way to get it off is to remove the wand. At 7″ wide by 4″ tall by 6″ deep, the cabinet is the perfect size for even shows in a small room (cabinet is 9″ wide at the widest point.)

Text Source: John Mendoza – Email List – 12/21/2014

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