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Magic of Tut Anch Amun (Tutanchamuns Rätsel) by Thomas Pohle

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Thomas is at it again reproducing some of his very old effects and this beauty is very pleasing to the eye and a complete fooler too!  (Well it fooled me!)

This will be another highly desirable item from Thomas’ 2015 line-up and I can tell you now he has barely got started – some even more amazing treasures coming from Thomas later this year!  All of you you collectors of fine close-up magic should keep your wallets open!

Effect: You start by showing the pyramid and a small box with a mini plaque of the famous Tut Anch Amun.  You place the plaque into the recess inside the pyramid and replace the lid and close the box.  Take a breath and a magical pass and the plaque returns to the box!

Now what is cool is that you can cleanly show the lid of the pyramid after the vanish – all the heat is on it and yes you can show it – there is nothing to see.  There really appears to be no way the plaque could have disappeared. But it does. Check out the video to see what I mean.  Also notice that Thomas creates all of his own music for his videos too!  I’m looking forward to his first CD!

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1 review for Magic of Tut Anch Amun (Tutanchamuns Rätsel) by Thomas Pohle

  1. Terry Wolven

    Great Conversation Piece! A nice little effect that can be performed right under your spectators noses! I have shown it several times and it always gets a good reaction. The only down side is I wish the materials were a little more heavy duty for the price. Both items that I own are quite fragile. That is the only down side though. Beautiful looking and works great.

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