Little Box (Purple) by Clarence Miller

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The Little Box or The Little Blue Box (as it was first named by magician Tony Caparoso) was one of Clarence’s most popular items and apart from the 75 boxes painted blue by Clarence himself, it was also built (under license from Clarence) by George Kimery of Chalet Magic and George Robinson, Jr. of Viking Mfg., Chalet Magic created versions in least three colors (Blue, Purple, Teal).

Mark “Buma” Burger of House of Magic suggested to Clarence that he create the Little Blue Box in natural wood which he started building them in beautiful Walnut with Basswood inlaid where the pin-striping would normally be located.  When Viking Mfg. started to make them under license they only created versions in natural wood.

Effect: After showing the little box (2″ x 2″ x 2 13/16″) empty from all sides, the top is removed and a sponge ball or silk instantly appears withing the empty cabinet! This looks spectacular and performs like a mechanical marvel.

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