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Kamillion Koins by Russell Lewis

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Effect: Performer displays two brass koins, each inlaid with vibrant colors (one pink, the other green). At the magicians command, the koins appear to travel from hand to hand in a magical way. But the spectator catches on to the “magic,” the koins are shown to pink and green on both sides. Always trying to outdo himself, the magician passes the koins over each other instantly changing them to purple, yellow, blue and white. The spectator is now free to inspect the koins. Wait till you WOW them with this one!

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1 review for Kamillion Koins by Russell Lewis

  1. Anonymous

    The "Original" Kamillion Koins are the best!

    I purchased a set of the "original" Kamillion Koins several years ago! I love performing this, but my discs are showing their age (nicks and scratches). I have been looking for a replacement set, can’t find the originals. The Magic Connection has gone out of business!
    If you can get your hands on a set of the originals, do it! Stay away from the new imitations.

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