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Chuck Fayne’s Instant Miracles by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: Complete with patter, props and pizazz. Five perfected gems from Chuck Fayne. A simple, clean Balls and Cups routine; a phenomenal McDonald’s Aces that will fool and delight with its simplicity; Chuck’s patented ball and glass puzzler; Chuck’s prized Card on Seat routine; and a charming gambling routine called “Sorry You Lose.”

Here’s what you get:

  1. The Routines: These are performance perfected gems. Five ofthem. A simple, clean balls and cups routine so compelling you’ll wish you owned a set of custom made, solid brass cups. Andyou will. A phenomenal McDonald’s (we call them “McFaynes”) Aces that will fool and delight you with its simplicity. A charming gambling routine called “Sorry You Lose.”. Chuck’s patented ball and glass puzzler. And … worth the price of this video many times over, the Card-on-Seat routine. A prediction: This single routine will change the way you approach the performance of magic and will be an instant addition to your present repertoire.
  2. All the Props
    1. Stunning, hand-crafted brass cups, with three ersatz limes for the finale.
    2. The balls and glass for the Ball in Glass routine..
    3. All necessary cards (except for the Card-on-Seat routine – use your own.)
  3. A fully-detailed manuscript.
  4. A one-hour video by Chuck, detailing every move and every word of patter. The production is what you should expect from us. We lugged three broadcast-quality cameras into Rich Bloch’s study-cum-magic-sanctum and there, surrounded by magic history and the overhanging echoes of hundreds of years of performers’ prized pieces, Chuck held court. It’s all packaged in a sturdy carry container that serves well as your portable close-up case.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2001) ***

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