Improved Super Billfoold by Ravel, Richard Himber

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Billfoold (without the “e’) is of course an almost direct copy of Richard Himber’s Bill Fooled (with the “e”) with zero credit to Richard Himber.  Richard released his now ubiquitous “Himber Wallet” (aka Bill Fooled) c. 1958.  To add insult to injury when this copy was released they also included four routines which were 100% copied from Harry Lorayne’s book “The Best of Billfooled” also without credit or permission from Harry. Harry Loryane had this to say in the November 1985 Apocalypse:

“Someone sent me the instructions for an item called Improved Super Billfoold (sic). It says – Presented By Ravel, A G & G Enterprises Production. It isn’t dated; I’m sure the item is no longer on the market. But … it has to get the trophy for the rip-off of the year. The name Himber is never mentioned. It is, of course, the Himber wallet. The “improved” is – better leather. This might have been so (doubt it), I never saw one. Also “improved” because no matter which way the wallet is opened, the side with (a certain compartment) is always on the left. Well, so far as I know, this was so with the original … it’s so with the few different samples I have.”

It is a nice version of the Himber Wallet but a shame they chose to completely ignore the creator and their biggest claim of improvement seems to be Moroccan leather which is also what the original Himber wallets were made from too.  At least some things have not changed 🙁

Effect: The custom made secretary type billfold is made from the finest imported Moroccan leather, gold embossed, with a red lining, styled throughout by Jacare. the overall appearance is of a thin, rich looking billfold and not another magic prop.

Performer opens billfold displaying two one dollar bills and three blank pieces of paper, which are referred to as “special Polaroid paper.” Performer then uses the dollar bills as originals and makes copies with the blank paper by merely closing the billfold containing a dollar bill and a blank piece of paper and waiting one second.

After making two one dollar bills in this manner performer then states longer exposures are possible. He then takes the four one dollar bills and the remaining piece of blank paper, closes billfold and waits two seconds. Upon opening billfold he shows five two dollar bills, placing one aside he closes billfold once more and waits five seconds. When billfold is now opened four five dollar bills are revealed. Three other routines are included.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $150.00 (2022) ***

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