Impossible Transfer by El Duco’s Magic

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Card Go was created by Jack Hughes and it is a brilliant idea even if the name doesn’t sound like much.  Since Jack created it there have been a number of effects using the same principle and El Duco’s Impossible Transfer is one of the nicest variations you will find.

The quality is better than the Jack Hughes version and the routine includes a nice twist that allows you to vanish the card instantly and then have it appear in an envelope. The card can even be signed.  Although some of the old El Duco items are still being made these are not one of them and are now hard to track down.

Effect: On the table is a nice stand that could have been a part of a futuristic space movie. It has a thin base and a clear lucite frame is mounted on two rods as shown in the picture. You give a spectator an EMPTY envelope and ask him to seal it and then sign it. The envelope is then placed on another table in full sight all the time or even kept in the spectator’s pocket. From a deck another spectator selects a card – any card. Absolutely NO FORCE. The selected card is also signed or marked and placed into the frame. Now the card is covered with a silk or a piece of cloth. A magic spell and you remove the cover.

THE CARD IS GONE!!! The frame is absolutely empty! You show your hands empty as well and ask the spectator to hand over the envelope. Show it from both sides. It still sealed and signed. From your pocket you take a letter opener and open the envelope for the first time. From this very same envelope you take out a card and give it to the spectator for identification.

IT IS THE FREELY CHOSEN AND MARKED CARD!!! It sound impossible but this is exactly what the spectators see.

Please note:

  • There is no switch of card
  • The envelope is not prepared in any way
  • No force

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

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