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Hydro Die by Unknown, Magiro

(c. 1984,1995) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a wonderful version of Magio’s classic Hydro Die. Unlike some of the other versions not created by Magiro, this is pretty stripped down. It is better quality than the original Magiro version, but unlike Magic Wagon’s Majestic Hydro Die, which is very beautifully made but quite big, the size and quality of the unit does not detract from the effect itself.

Effect: There is no cleaner vanish under such test conditions. All of the pieces can be examined, then the die is placed at the bottom of the clear perspex tube which is sealed at one end and this is placed on top of a thin base. The tube is then filled with water, or as sometimes is used in the patter some special acidic dissolving liquid. Everyone can see the die at the bottom of the clear tube. Now this tube is covered with an opaque cover which has a separate lid, and before the lid is placed on top to seal the die away from all, the spectator can look right down from the top to see the die still there. Even after the top has been placed on the cover, the cover is lifted one more time to show the die is still there.

Now the performer just holds the tube at the very top, nowhere near the die and lifts it away from the base and waves it in front of the spectator and asks them to blow. Then in an instant the cover is lifted and the die has gone. The water is still in the tube. Each piece of apparatus is now shown on all sides and there is nothing to find – the die has disappeared!

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1 review for Hydro Die by Unknown, Magiro

  1. Andy Martin

    Solari put me right on this one!

    It took me a while to work out how this baby works – but once I put my mind to it I realised how wonderful this is. It is a very clean vanish of the die in the tube that is filled with water. A couple of subtleties make this an incredible effect.

    One of my favourites now! Thanks to Bob Solari for pointing this effect out for me.

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