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Houdini’s Influence by Wayne Houchin

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This is a wonderful effect from Wayne Houchin.  It is a simple idea and easy to perform but the way Wayne dresses it up it brings chills and smiles.  Even though it has been almost one hundred years since Houdini passed away at the age of 52 in 1926, he is still far and away the most famous magician today and this routine taps right into that history and intrigue.

This is the original version issued by Wayne c. 2012 – there were only 200 sets produced.  It has long been unavailable and was recently added back to Wayne’s website as a download only.  But this version includes everything with the download but also the photographs and newspaper article already printed and ready to perform.

Effect: Houdini’s Influence is an interesting presentation wrapped around a very straightforward impossible prediction. It’s a card trick, that’s NOT a card trick. I have performed this around the world – and while it’s certainly possible to do in a close-up setting, the presentation, props and technology make it particularly effective for a stand up performance.

Houdini’s Influence has been a feature of my live lecture for the past 2 years. This is the first time that I’m making it available online.

Here is the basic patter for the routine as featured by Wayne:

Before Houdini was known as The Handcuff King he was known as The King of Cards. Houdini died October 31st, 1926. His final performance took place a few days earlier at the Garrick Theater in Detroit, Michigan. I recently had the opportunity to view the deck of cards Houdini used during this performance. The cards were accompanied by a newspaper article describing a card trick Houdini performed on stage that night. I don’t know exactly how Houdini accomplished his trick but with a little bit of psychology, a little bit of magic and a lot of luck I would like to try to recreate that trick – using photos of Houdini’s own cards. I need a volunteer.

I have about a dozen photos of different cards. Do you see how my finger is casting a shadow on top of the Ace? Now it’s on the Two? In a minute I’m going to ask you to do the same thing – but first I’m going to turn the photos face down.

There can be no magic without imagination. Close your eyes. I want you to imagine that it’s 1926. You ‘re sitting in a theater watching Harry Houdini perform. He asks for a volunteer and you raise your hand. Now open your eyes. Continue to imagine that you ‘re onstage with Houdini and let your finger move slowly back and forth across the photos. Whenever you want to. bring your finger down and let it touch it’s shadow. Leave it on whatever photo you land on. Imagine standing on stage at the Garrick Theater and selecting one of Houdini’s cards. Take your time, I want you to be certain that you bring your finger down when you want to.

Did that feel like a free choice? I want you to be certain that you brought your finger down when you wanted to – which is why I am going to give you one opportunity to change your mind.

Do you still have the piece of paper that we tossed out at the beginning? I brought that paper with me for a reason. Printed inside is a part of the newspaper article I mentioned earlier – the one describing Houdini’s last card trick. Please open the paper and read the highlighted sentence.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the one photograph you selected, happened to be the Three of Spades? Unfortunately I’m not that good. Does it look like we’re in Las Vegas?

I am hoping, however, that we got close … Actually – we got very close. Ladies and gentlemen, the Three of Spades!

And that is Houdini’s final trick!


  • The package you will receive includes a printed set of photographs and a CD with instructions and revelations in English, French, German and Italian.
  • Also included on the CD are image files for the photographs which will enable you to print as many sets as you need for your performances.

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Includes: Printed Instructions, DVD (or similar) Instructions.

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