Houdini Prisoner Box

The audience is reminded of Houdini who was the best known escape artist of all times. One of his most admired feats was the “escape from a prison cell”. Well Houdini is no longer with us but today you will recreate the escape in miniature form.

With this you introduce a Houdini coin and several Half Dollars (to represent the prison guards. Houdini and the guards are placed in a brass box (cell) which is securely closed with a lid. Yet suddenly Houdini escapes thru the bottom of the cell and falls on the table. When the “cell” is opened only the guards are left inside.

You receive all the necessary props and all the coins required to perform this effect out of the box. No instructions are included but if you have been around magic for a while this one will be easy to figure out. If you know Scotch & Soda than you have a solid head start.

(Description by Wolfgang Wollet)

Approx. Price: $39.99 (11/2016) ***

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