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Guldiplex by Future Magic, Karl-Heinz Tanczer

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Created by Karl-Heinz Tanczer who is one of founders of the amazing German Magic Manufacturer and Dealer Future Magic who produce a very solid selection of fine quality magic that is shipped world-wide. Before Future Magic Karl-Heinz Tanczer created magic for Eckhard Boettcher among others.  Most likely based on the Mikame item Coin Tube but with the really good improvement of making most of the tubes out of clear Plexi instead of aluminum.

Effect: I’ve always been fascinated with this item. A playing card is clamped between two Plexiglas tubes (which can be connected) so that, for example, a coin cannot fall from the upper tube half into the lower one. Nevertheless, during the routine, 4 coins will penetrate, one after another, the playing card and at the end, as a big surprise for your spectators, a flashlight battery will come out of the transparent Plexiglas tube.

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Approx. Price: $29.00 (2005) ***

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