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G-Sharp by Steve Fearson

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Effect: New Improved design is whisper-quiet and holds more ink for longer writing life! Steve Fearson’s Anti-Gravity Sharpie, G-Sharp is a prop that no magician should be without. You probably already carry a Sharpie marker, why not carry one that can DEFY GRAVITY at any time? And it does it without any threads, wires or magnets! You can use it as a quick bit, balancing it on your fingertip or the finger of a spectator. You can perform a complete suspension illusion with the Anti-Gravity Sharpie and a couple of playing cards.

It’s a mini-illusion show that fits in your pocket! The choices are limited only by your imagination! Fearson’s Anti-Gravity Sharpie is a surprising and memorable bit of business that not only uses a familiar object but an object you’re probably already carrying. So it fits right into any routine.

  • No Threads Wires or Magnets!
  • No Sticky Stuff!
  • Yes, it writes! Use it like an ordinary Sharpie!
  • The best tricks are simple in method, and this couldn’t get any easier. The Sharpie does all the work, you take all the credit!

The Anti-Gravity looks, feels and writes just like an ordinary Sharpie. Except this one can defy gravity. And with no complicated setup, it’s one of the few suspension / levitation illusions that can be performed at the drop of a hat, ANYWHERE… ANYTIME! Close-up and surrounded in FULL LIGHT! It’s an attention-getting piece of eye candy that will have your audience saying HOW and WOW!

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