Fortune Cookie Surprise by Diamond Jim Tyler, Dave Haverset, Bryan Lizotte

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This appears to be exactly the same effect that was released by Dave Haverset and Bryan Lizotte c. 1998. Although According to Diamond Jim he has been performing it since 1993.  So I have credited each person since Diamond Jim might have been using it first but Dave and Bryan were the first to bring it to market.

Effect: Fortune Cookie Surprise Have someone select a card and replace it back into the deck. After several attempts you cannot find the card. Display a Chinese Food Take-Out container, filled with wrapped Fortune Cookies. Have the Spectator select one and break it open. The name of the selected card is on the fortune. Contains one doz. cookies. Choose 10 of spades or King of clubs.

(Review for the originally released version from Dave Haverset, Bryan Lizotte)

Right off the bat I should tell you that this effect has nothing in common with “Popcorn Surprise,” which is an effect that will get you tossed in the slammer in any of the fifty states. What Dave and Bryan provide you with are a dozen very legitimate looking fortune cookies with fortunes that say, “The Card You Selected Was the 10 of Spades.” Assuming you know how to force a card (no force is explained), it is a simple matter to ring in one of these phony cookies at the end of a Chinese meal. It’s goofy, it’s fun, and I got a good reaction from it when I tried it out on some friends. (As the instructions suggest, this plays particularly well if before the food arrives you attempt to find the selected card and fail.) Recommended.

(Michael Close – Magic Magazine, August 1998)
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