Fort Knox by Eddie Gibson

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Effect: A heavy-duty round brass box is shown. together with five plastic security key-cards (like the ones used in hotels). You explain that one, and only one, of the key-cards will open the box. Four spectators choose one key-card each and leave you with the remaining card. Spectators can exchange their cards with yours at any time.

You explain that die locked box contains something of value, and that the holder of the correct card will get to keep what is in the box. A slot in the knob of the box al’ows each card to be swiped in turn. Needless to say. the spectators fail to open the box, and tne one card they left with you immediately opens it up to reveal a S100 bill, a £20 or £50 note, or anything else that will fit in die box.

A spectator may use your card and open the box, which is a precision piece of engineering in heavy brass. INSTANTLY RESETS AND IS ALWAYS READY FOR USE.

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