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Flipper Chip by Joe Porper, Pete Biro

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Leave it to Pete Biro and Joe Porper to come up with the Flipper Chip! That’s right, it’s a Flipper Coin made from real casino Poker chips! And, it looks amazing! While there are a lot of effects using the Flipper Coin, here’s the routine that Pete uses with the Flipper Chip.

Effect: Ask a lady if she would like to help with a dexterity test. Have her make a fist, then place a casino chip on the back of her hand. Ask her to toss the chip in the air, turn her hand over and catch it. Pretty easy to do. Now, try it with two chips! Place the two chips on the back of her hand. She tosses them up and, when she opens her hand, there is only one chip! You can produce the missing chip from just about anywhere. Fabulous precision work, as you would expect from Joe.

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Approx. Price: $89.00 (2009) ***

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1 review for Flipper Chip by Joe Porper, Pete Biro

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Great Porper Item!

    Sometimes I am so off base as to what lay audiences will like and this Flipper Chip is a great example. If you follow the easy routine that comes with this you’ll have an amazing piece of entertainment at any time in your show which requires no reset, and really no moves.

    It was a real surprise how well this plays to lay people.

    Another item being slotted into my walk around show!

    Great Job!

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