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Flight of Gold (Flyaway Discs) by Alan Warner

(c. 1972) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This effect was renamed Flyaway Discs in December 1972 as Alan realized it clashed with the name of an effect called “Flight of Gold” released by Roy Roth of R.A.R. Magic (c. 1970).

Effect: A board with three identically designed silver-colored discs mounted on it is displayed by the performer who then places it upside-down on a table. A golden-colored disc is wrapped in a handkerchief – when a spectator unwraps the handkerchief he finds, to his surprise, that he is holding a silver-colored disc … the golden disc is now mounted on the board between the two silver ones.

This is the basic effect of ‘Flight of Gold”, in the instructions we also give details of a version for use in a close-up children’s show – a routine which utilizes the bag. which we supply to carry and protect the apparatus, and involves two children as assistants. Some first-rate “bits of business” make up this routine, the climax of which takes place in the children’s own hands A GREAT EFFECT for either children or adults.

FLIGHT OF GOLD – the discs precision made in brass and aluminium – comes complete with a gold-colored bag and full instructions.

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1 review for Flight of Gold (Flyaway Discs) by Alan Warner

  1. George Guerra

    Very early and appealing Warner item

    Looking through a November, 1972 list sent out by Alan that is in my collection, this item is among the several mini-magic items first sold by him. I believe that was the first year he started his business. I don’t see this one as part of his line of children effects, though the instructions did include a children’s routine, nor one of his famous painted items. It would have fitted more with his teak line, but teak was not used in the wooden board. Nevertheless, it is a very nice close-up effect using a standard gaff method in coin magic, but with a great new twist and presentation.

    The effect involves a nice transposition of a middle mounted disc from silver to gold. All is beautifully crafted with precision gimmicks made of either aluminum or brass. The effect is rather easy to perform. The instructions are detailed in the handling – you start and end clean. This is another winner from Alan and glad I was able to obtain it in such mint condition, considering its age.

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