Fifty Ways to Use A Card Box by Don Tanner

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Details: As described in the first section of this book, you will see that there are many different kinds of card boxes, and they have been produced at many price levels. Therefore, we can safely say that almost every magician has a card box in his collection, somewhere. He uses it now and then to vanish a card or to produce one, and probably has never given any thought to its further possibilities .

Actually there are a great many novel uses for the card box in card magic, and many excellent ones which do not use playing cards at all.  Don Tanner has arranged fifty trick, routines, ideas, and suggestions here for your reading pleasure and ulti­ mate use of your card box.  To this, we have added another dozen effects by Earl Dancereau, who put the Okay Card Box on the market. Locate your card box and have fun!!!


Introduction 2
Word about Card Boxes 3
Comedy Spirit Painting 4
Houdini Card 4
India Rope Trick 5
Tearing a Woman in Half 5
Instantaneous Flowers 6
Spirit Cut Ups 6
Prediction 7
Automatic Check Casher 7
Invisible Seamstress 7
Answering Questions 8
Stamp of Approval 8
Passport to Sing Sing 8
Have your Change Ready 9
Little Wonder Adding Machine 9
Miniature Photo Lab 9
Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat 10
X Ray 10
Want Ad Test 10
Design Duplication 11
Mental Journey 11
Traveler’s Chex 11
Force for the Spirit Paintings 12
Staples 12
For Coin Work 13
For Defense 13
A Trick With A Premium 13
Spook Spoke in Error 13
P.Howard Lyons’ ‘ Routine 14
Card on the Ribbon 15
Message in Ashes 16
Ghost Card 16
Simple Revelation 17
Pip Pip 17
True Value 18
Card in Orange 18
Clairvoyance 18
Penetrating Card 18
Matter of Addition 19
A Ringer 19
Invisible Transit 20
Two Faced Trick 20
Stabbing in the Dark 20
Visible Flight 21
Under Cover 21
Easy to Please 22
The Big Change 22
Spirit Photography 22
Transpositions 22
Blank 23
The Line Up 23
Twelve Bonus Effects, start on 24

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