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The Eye of the Idol (T-173) by Tenyo

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Effect: Explaining the mysteries of the famed Easter Island statues, a small replica of a mythic idol is placed on a clear stand, surrounded by various colored gemstones. The spectator points to one of the stones. A cover, which can be closely examined by a spectator, is placed over the idol. Under cover of dark, the statue mysteriously turns to face the chosen stone. The magician never touches the stand, the gemstones, the cover or the statue – and yet, the idol always knows where to look! This amazing feat may be repeated.

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (1999) ***

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1 review for The Eye of the Idol (T-173) by Tenyo

  1. Rober

    Good idea, so-so construction

    I don’t buy much Tenyo, but everyy so often they come up with something that makes me buy it just to find out the secret, in the event I decide to re-create the item in higher quality for personal use. When I read the description of this I sort of guessed how it worked, and I was correct in the basic modus, but the attention to detail included a couple well thought out ideas to make it operate smoothly. It’s a cute little toy. I wouldn’t perform it, but only because the head is plastic/phony looking, and the head is something a spectator would want to handle, which they should not be allowed to do.

    If you like toys, buy it, it’s worth it.

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