Electronic Surprise Box by Anverdi

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Anverdi’s Surprise Box is one his his finest creations. It came in two versions, one with a clear lid that you could see through and one with an opaque lid like this one.

Effect: The effect is outstanding. The method is diabolical. And, the props are absolutely first class. Bring out a double card box. There are two decks inside the box. Slide open the lid and remove one of the decks. Show that the cards are all different; all shuffled. Spread the deck and ask a spectator to select any card. It is an absolutely free choice. Have her sign the card so she will recognize it later. She replaces the card in the deck, and you give the deck a shuffle. Ask the spectator to begin dealing cards one at a time from the deck into the card box. Explain that at some point she will “get a definite sign to stop dealing cards.” She will not have to think about it. The message will be obvious. She deals the cards one at a time into the box. One, two, three, four…ten, eleven, twelve…Suddenly, the lid of the box slides shut!

That’s right, the box closes under its own power!! Ask the spectator to turn over the next card. Of course, it is her selected, signed card!! Unbelievable! The effect is a killer! One they will remember for a long time! Instantly repeatable. No force of the card. The point at which the box closes is completely under your control. It can be after two cards or 50 cards are dealt. You decide. Anverdi’s Surprise Box is entirely electronic, yet is not radio controlled. No transmitters to hide. Precision made in plexiglas, it is an effect you will use all the time. And the price is quite low for such a powerful effect.

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