Electronic Close-Up Case by Chuck Caputo

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Effect: Includes three radio-controlled effects:

    Hand-made Houlette and Card Block. Spectator’s chosen card(s) rises one at a time. Completely under your control. Each unit is hand-crafted, with miniature electronics & motor – Radio Control.
  2. CLOSE-UP OMEGA SPIRIT CLOCK. Briefly, a spectator’s freely-chosen “hour” is then revealed on the Spirit Clock. This is not a force – any hour is named. Very eerie effect. Great for a finale effect. Clock hand can move right in front of the spectator if you choose.
  3. ELECTRONIC MONTE. This is a totally different Monte! A very decorative wooden box is shown to contain 3 push buttons. Only one visibly makes a buzzing sound when pushed. No matter, the spectator can never duplicate this. You always win! Then, to further amaze them, you remove the insides of the box to show empty! Nothing is to be found – radio control with hidden electronics. Each case is stained & hand-rubbed, and has a felt top.

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Approx. Price: $700.00 (2002) ***

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