Duke’s Mini Dye-Version by Trimble Silks, Duke Stern

(c. 1966,1993) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This was originally a full size stage effect  by a manager and convention rep at Abbott’s: Duke Stern.  Trimble Silks resized everything to work in a close-up environment.

Effect: Here’s a Silk Dying trick that always gets a big hand and can be done close-up or parlor! In effect, a tube of colored paper (6″ number of inches long) is shown and from it the magician pulls out five 12″ ribbons. Two spectators are asked to help. Each are handed two of the ribbons, the performer keeping the 5th ribbon. The four ribbons are put back inside the tube and the 5th ribbon is used to tie around the outside of the tube.

Now . . . a silk is partially removed from each end of tube. Spectators are each asked to hold onto the ends and slowly pull the silk out. They continue to pull, and pull, and pull . . . the four small silks have apparently changed into a single 40″ long streamer, 3″wide! The tube of paper is now unwrapped showing nothing left inside.

Duke always has lettered on the inside of the paper the name of the organization, or if it’s a special greeting such as a birthday, etc. it adds an additional surprise. The paper also acts as an excellent ‘give-away- memento from your act.

The complete outfit includes:

  • one 40″ x 2″ silk Rainbow Streamer;
  • five 12″ x 1″ silk ribbons ;
  • one special flesh-colored gimmick which is just right size and weight for the easiest handling.
  • Plus full instructions, patter theme, and additional suggestions.

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Approx. Price: $50.00 (2000) ***

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