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Die-Ception by Colin Rose

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Effect: How About a great Table Hopping or Close Up Routine, with lots of Audience Participation and you get to leave your Business Card as the Finale! Well…”Die-Ception” is exactly that and more…

You receive two hand turned boxes… a dice is placed inside the smaller box by the spectator, who is asked to remember the topmost number before putting the lid onto the box while The Magician looks away…the small box is then placed inside the larger box by The Magician, it is verified that there is no way that The Magician can know which number is face up inside the box…but of course you can!
This effect comes with Wayne’s routine Notes and can be used as a ‘Mentalist’ Prediction, or, by using six business cards in your pocket (numbered 1-6), the appropriate card can be thumbed off to match the number on the dice…thereby giving you an excellent way to produce your Business Card at the end of this routine.

Another great routine from Wayne Dobson matched perfectly with beautiful quality craftsmanship of Colin Rose. This Issue is made from a complimentary selection of Exotic Woods, featuring Ebony, Amarillo, Zebrano, Burbinga, making this not only a great Close Up & Table Hopping Trick for Working Magician’s but a stunning Collectable too!

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (2010) ***

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1 review for Die-Ception by Colin Rose

  1. Greg

    Magical Value

    I was hesitant to purchase this effect at first when I saw it on The Trickery’s site, since it seemed less "special" than other Colin Rose effects. By special I mean ornate, as are many of his wood turned vases, cups, etc.

    But the premise seemed straight forward – which I liked – and the props did have a simplicity to them that would make a realistic presentation more believable. The props looked like old game fixtures, dice cups from an old board game. So, I went ahead and took the chance.

    Boy, I was not disappointed. If anyone can make two simple, unadorned wood containers look better than this, I’d be surprised. They feel like you are holding something special. And the secret is so simple, it defies detection. I haven’t performed this yet, but I feel very confident I can pull this off. Nothing ground-breaking, but done correctly, I can see this being a nice, mid-set effect in a mentalism show.

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