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Dice Chop Cup by Stephane Bourgoin

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There are many, many types of chop cup but even with the different styles of cup – the routine pretty much stays the same. Stephane Bourgoin is trying to change that with his three variations of Chop Cup. The Dice Chop Cup is another solid departure from the norm.

A beautiful dice cup that acts like a chop cup. An amazing routine is provided where dice keep appearing and disappearing from under a dice cup. The routine ends when the cup is lifted up only to find a roll of $100 bills … and finally your own watch. A gambling themed routine that really makes sense! The Dice Cup Chop Cup can also be used for your own chop cup routine.

The Set Includes:

  • The Chop Cup
  • Roll of bills (without the $100)
  • A small pool cue/wand
  • Large die
  • three small dice

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1 review for Dice Chop Cup by Stephane Bourgoin

  1. Andy Martin

    Another Great Chop Cup Routine!

    Here we have another Wonderful Chop Cup Routine with interesting and logical props. Stephane Bourgoin really is to be congratulated for producing these innovative routines.

    As with each of his Chop Cup routines, this one has two surprise climaxes that are real surprises and come with a full, entertaining and logical routine.

    The $100 and the watch are not included, but everything else is including the roll of notes (without the $100).

    It is hard to say whether I prefer this one or the Pool Chop Cup. Naturally you could not do them together to the same audience, but you certainly could do the different routines on different occasions and only have to learn one basic set of moves! So buying both makes the most sense!

    Highly Recommended!

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