Dice Capers by Marvillo

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There is no doubt that Eddy Taytelbaum created the best version of this effect in both the standard size (2 1/4″ x 1″ x 1″) and jumbo size (3 1/2″ long box). What I am not 100% sure about is who invented the effect. According to Anverdi’s book (page 177) it says Anverdi first saw the German Marvello perform it. I believe this is a typo and the book is referring to the German Marvillo (Arnold Liebertz – 1927-1989) who was a semi-pro dealer and inventor. This is Marvillo’s version.

Marvillo claims it was his invention and given that he created a number of other unique dice effect this holds true but I cannot be sure since I have no dates for when Dice Capers was created. Eddy and Marvillo were almost the same age. In addition Eddy used to sell his magic abroad through Anverdi himself so it is reasonable to think if Anverdi knew that Eddy had created this effect before Marvillo he would have written that down in his book too. One other interesting fact is that in the original German instructions for Dice Capers it says that the idea came from MAVO in Holland. Unfortunately, I can find no information about MAVO, but given he was from Holland maybe Eddy knew him and they worked together on the idea. If you have ever tried to track down the origins of magic you’ll find lots of clues and garden paths but not too many facts, because so much is simply not written down.

Either way, this would not be the first time that Eddy Taytelbaum had created the best version of a micro-magic effect, the most famous example would be his Mummy effect as seen here. Uncanny Die is from Eddy’s later period where he toned down the artistic features of his creations – they were still perfectly constructed but much simpler in design.

Effect: The now classic effect where three dice are shown in a small case, one is dropped out and the lid replaced. The die vanishes and is found back inside the case. Another one remade by Magic Wagon as The Majestic Homing Die, Eddy Taytelbaum, Anverdi, and others.

(Notice: the final photo is of 3 matching Marvillo effects which are not all included with this item.)

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

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