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Dice-A-Matic by Alan Warner

(c. 1974) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This was my second Alan Warner piece and really what began my love affair with beautiful and clever magic props.

This effect (Die-Tunnel) dates back at least as early as 1968 in the USA from Tannen’s. Alan’s version is different from Mel Babcock’s later version in that you can show the tube on all sides – this is a big improvement.

Effect: The performer displays a small square tube, at either end of which is a window, A die is then placed into one end of the tube where the number uppermost on the die is clearly visible through the first window. With the aid of a small wand, the performer now moves the die through the tube to the opposite: window where the number uppermost on the die is seen to be the same as before

The die is removed and again placed into the tube and viewed through the first window. The performer then pushes the die through the tube with the wand, but when it reaches the second window this time, the number on top of the die has changed to a different one.

The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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