Denver Mint Money Maker (Purple Heart) by Owen Magic Supreme

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I think most people would agree that Owen’s Denver Mint is the ultimate Money Maker prop, and this version is custom made in Purple Heart and what a beauty it is.

Effect: The principal of the money maker has been a very successful entertainment piece of magic for many decades. However never has there been one crafted with such painstaking care to detail and with such exquisite design as the Owen Denver Mint. The first model was commissioned by a very prominent and wealthy antique dealer to be used on his personal desk as an attention getter and a fine item of mystery and amusement. The effect of turning plain paper to genuine paper money by the turn of a crank is truly amazing. Each Denver Mint is crafted of fine exotic woods, hand formed brass gears and fittings, creating a magical masterpiece to grace the home of any connoisseur of fine craftsmanship

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Approx. Price: $950.00 (2016) ***

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