Cut & Restored Credit Card by Mark Leveridge

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Effect: The magician displays a small leather wallet inside which is one of his credit cards.

He explains he would like to show something with a similar card but does not want to use his own. So saying the card is returned to the wallet which is slipped back into his pocket. .

Having borrowed a suitable card, the magician slips it into a pay envelope, puts the spectator’s initials on the envelope flap and then seals the card inside..

Brandishing a pair of scissors, he proceeds to cut the envelope – and therefore the spectator’s card – completely in half! With total confidence the magician claims the card will restore itself, despite the fact the envelope is clearly in two separate pieces.

Placing the two sections together, he cuts off the end of the envelope, reaches inside and pulls out – HALF A CREDIT CARD!

After much comic by-play, the halves are put away and the performer removes the small wallet he showed at the beginning to offer his own card in exchange..

However, to the surprise of all, the performer’s card has vanished and the spectator’s TOTALLY RESTORED CARD is found inside instead! The spectator removes his card himself to confirm it is indeed his..

Very easy to do, no sleights, no palming, no fuss – highly practical. Not suitable for table hopping as there is a re-set, but perfect for one off close up shows or stand up acts. Leather wallets, envelopes, fakes supplied.

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Approx. Price: $10.00 (2002) ***

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