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Custom Morgan Dollar and Chinese Miracle Enjoyment Set by Todd Lassen

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Effect: A custom set combining a Triple Threat, expanded set, Miracle Enjoyment set, and Chinatown half.

The Triple Threat gaffus comes with this set of notes from Troy Hooser which contains 5 solid routines and more. Personally, I think the work in these notes is phenomenal and I can guarantee that one of the routines will sufficiently fry your savvy coin magicians that are familiar with Troy’s work.

I am happy to announce a new Lassen product line….the Miracle Enjoyment Chinese coins. This is a set of 4 Chinese coins with unexpanded shell. On the deluxe set, the coins have fresh, sharp, hand milled edges. The holes have been precision bored to the same size so that everything looks right when the shell is placed on the coin.

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Approx. Price: $1200.00 (2015) ***

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1 review for Custom Morgan Dollar and Chinese Miracle Enjoyment Set by Todd Lassen

  1. Daniel D

    Even after months of practice, there are still moments where you cannot differentiate the gaffed from regular. That good. Lassen is often imitated, never duplicated.

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