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Confounding Coffer by Steve Dusheck

(c. 1981) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: This is one ol those effects that just leaves your audience wondering it this is “real magic” Also the beauty of the effect is the simplicity and direct forwardness of the routine

A beautiful clear lucite ring box is shown to your audience From it you remove a quarter which is marked by a spectator The ring box is closed and covered with a silk The magician takes the quarter and proceeds to cause it to vanish (Note Steve encloses his Dollar Billfold for those who want to eliminate any sleight of hand whatsoever ) Upon uncovering the box the quarter is found inside (No! This is not like the magic coin box-no slides are used!) The quarter is removed and shown to be the very same one that was marked.

Now, best of all-you are immediately set up to repeat this effect again, so for the table hoppers this is a perfect trick.

Here’s another goody from the fertile mind of Steve Dusheck. A beautiful crystal box is displayed. A quarter is shown in the box upright, similar to a ring box. It is removed and given to spectator to mark.

The box is covered with a dollar bill and set upon the table. The quarter is vanished and appears in the closed box from which it is removed for verification by the spectator, of the mark.

(Ed Mishell – Genii Magazine, December 1981)
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