Color Blind by Larry West, Emerson and West

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Effect: Magician explains that a friend of his took a memory and color test at one of the local schools. He shows a packed of cards. He says they used ten cards, like these.  Each one has a color on its face … there are five different colors, two of each. 

Magician shows first color and places it face down on the table.  They en shows the matching one and places that face up behind its mate.  He continues this with the rest of the cards utnil he has two rows of cards … five face down with five face up behind it.

He explains to the spectators that they did it this way so you had a chance to see the colors and memorize them. He says that now you’ve seen them for the last time. Magician pairs them up, putting the face down colors face to face with its mate. He asks a spectator to try and name the five colors.

The magician says that when his friend tried it he named every color wrong. His problem was not that he had a bad memory, he was COLOR BLIND. As performer says this he turns the cards over and instead of colors on their faces, there are letters and they spell COLOR BLIND.

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