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Coin of the Realm by Dave Powell

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The Cabala effect where a steel ball slowly passes through a solid sheet of glass in a box with holes at the top and bottom was originally made by John Snyder, Jr. and marketed by Thayer’s and Kanter’s c. 1936 and was known as the Steel Ball Through Glass – it came in an Ordinary and Deluxe version. And it was also sold by Davenport’s and Max Holden (through arrangement with Davenport’s) as “The Miracle Steel Ball thro’ Glass” which became the inspiration for this coin variation where the ball is replaced for a coin. The first version of Coin of the Realm I could locate was released by Owen’s c. 1956.

Effect: Dave Powell has created a handsome collector’s piece that you will love. A marked half dollar is placed into a slot of the wooden box The coin cannot pass through the bottom slot of the box because it is covered with a piece of glass. On your command, it melts right through. All may be examined.

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1 review for Coin of the Realm by Dave Powell

  1. Andy Martin

    A Beautiful Rendition of this Classic

    I have seen other versions of this classic effect, but none that work as well or look as beautiful as this one from Dave Powell. Boy does Dave know how to produce the classics? He’ll often add a little twist here or there and they all work so smoothly.

    Look at all these amazing magic products from Dave. He has a new website where all of these and more are available. I don’t know how many of each item he has in stock, but if you like fine wood magic I suggest you stop by.

    Highly Recommended for Collector’s and Performers.

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