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Chinese Sting by Eddie Gibson

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Effect: You show six Poker Chips each with a colored disc set in the recess on the reverse side. There are three pairs of colors. One of each of the pairs of chips is turned over. These three chips are shuffled around by your audience, so that no one could possibly know which of the chips is a match for the face-up colors.

The audience are asked to choose a chip which does not match up with the face-up colors. As each choice is made you place the selected chip (color side down) on top of the face-up colors, as your audience directs. They have a perfectly free choice as to which chip is placed on to which color.

After explaining that the odds of winning are greatly in favor of the audience, you turn over the top three chips and it is seen that all the colors match, and needless to say the audience are dumbstruck.

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1 review for Chinese Sting by Eddie Gibson

  1. Andy Martin

    You can’t go wrong with Eddie Gibson!

    Eddie Gibson makes some very fine coins and this item is no exception. It is a very simple idea that works very well indeed and the coins are beautifully made.

    Basiclly the effect is you show 3 pairs of chinese coins with red, black, and yellow chips on one side. You show both sides of the coins then turn over 3 for the spectator and mix them up. You leave your 3 face up as a prediction. The spectator then chooses each coin (no force) and you place it on top of their chosen prediction chip. This is repeated for each coin. When they are turned over it is seen that they colors match perfectly.

    This effect is available in sets of 6, 8, and 10 coins and is very easy to do.

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