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China Coin Boxes (2016) by Thomas Pohle

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These are a very nice update of Thomas’ original coin box design c. 1983, made even thinner and more deceptive. With these boxes, they could be handed to a spectator to hold or place on the table, without fear of them opening like the original style.

Effect: The boxes are crafted and decorated beautifully. Best of all Thomas now includes two boxes in the set so you can perform the transposition effect he demos in the video.

You’ll marvel at the precision work that goes into making these.

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Approx. Price: $79.00 (2016) ***

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1 review for China Coin Boxes (2016) by Thomas Pohle

  1. Daniel D

    What a great opener! In the hands of Pohle, a classic principle becomes even more deceptive. I love the gold/red/black design. Classy and easy to carry around

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