Checkers Necklace (Checker-X) by Mikame Craft, Arturo

(c. 1945,1960,2009) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is the classic effect Checker-X invented by Arturo c. 1945 and sold originally by U.F. Grant and then Abbott’s c. 1960. Created without credit by Mikame Craft.

Effect: There are 5 checkers and a rope. Have audience examine all props. Thread the 5 checkers onto the rope and tie the ends into a tight knot. No one can remove checkers from the rope except for the magician. The rope loop is draped around the neck of an audience member, like a giant necklace, but checkers are hanging to the volunteer’s back, out of sight of rest of audience. The audience requests a color. Magician easily removes that checker and places in the case. Again and again, magician removes checkers from the rope. After performance, rope is still tied and can be examined.

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