Breath-Al-Izer by Mak Magic

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Effect: The Breath-Al-Izer, a terrific new item from Europe! Explain that there’s a new invention, being used by police departments all over the world. It’s a pocket-sized breathalyzer. Of only 1000 made, you are lucky enough to have the 317th one! Bring out a small black box imprinted with the number 317. Turn the box end for end, and explain that it’s a LIE! The number 317 becomes the word L-I-E. That stands for Liquor Intake Exposure. Right.

Take off the lid and show the folks a solid brass block. Embedded in the center of the block is a small round liquid crystal sensitive reactor. So you say! The crystal is bright yellow. Ask a spectator to blow on the crystal. Close the box for 5 seconds. Remove the lid and the crystal has changed to green! Another spectator blows on the crystal and the lid is replaced. Wait 5 seconds and remove the lid. The crystal has changed to red! This guy is over the limit! You blow on the crystal and close the box. Wait 5 seconds and take off the lid. The crystal has changed to orange. Just below the limit!

Finally, ask a spectator who may have had one drink too many to blow on the reactor. Close the lid. Wait five seconds and remove the lid. Upon opening the box, you find a hole has been burnt right through the solid brass block!! Put the block in their hands. There’s a hole through it alright! Everything is examinable.

The Breath-Al-Izer is a super close-up routine. Great for bar work. Perfect for walk-around. The reset takes 2 seconds. 99% mechanical. Precision made in brass. If you don’t work in bars, you can still perform this super effect. Just change the patter and you’ve got a wonderful colorchanging jewel! You know, the one you found on your travels in the Orient!

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