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Brass Block Matchbox Penetration by Sam Dalal, Houdini’s Magic Shop

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The original version of this effect was created by Jose M. Llacer for Selecciones Magicas c. 1995. This is Sam Dalal’s version which as far as I know was created without permission of the inventor. It is a far cry from the original or the Viking remake here.

Effect: A needle, threaded with a ribbon is pushed straight through the center of an ordinary box of matches. Immediately after the ribbon is pulled right through the box every thing is handed to the spectator. To his amazement, the box is completely filled with a solid block of brass. Absolutely everything may now be examined and the spectator will have no clue as to how the penetration occurred. Nothing added or taken away. No switches. Absolutely no sleight of hand whatsoever. The ingenious hidden mechanism does all of the work for you. Precision engineering at its very best.

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