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Blades of the Dragon by Chance Wolf

(c. 2008)

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1 review for Blades of the Dragon by Chance Wolf

  1. George Guerra


    Chance has clearly established himself as a master craftsman of the highest caliber with both this apparatus and the recent Classic Coin Ladder. Only greatness can be expected to come from this builder and I definitely look forward to all his next releases. Again, this is one item that is best appreciated with your eyes and not through any images. The beauty of the Cocobolo wood, the beautiful gold vinyl accents, the overall design and expert craftsmanship would be greatly missed.

    I was surprised, but ecstatic, over the size of the apparatus on unwrapping this beauty. Truly a mini-magic item as I see it, with the square based platform having 4 inch sides and a height of 6 inches (without the chopsticks). Now, that is just perfect for my taste, though the size may be standard for this trick (never owned one, so can’t compare). The only potential drawback is that this is really a stage effect as mentioned in the nicely written instructions. There is an angle issue with one of the gimmicked props, if attempted as a close-up effect. However, even with the distance, it’s strong magic and the apparatus is one to be proud to own and present. BTW, Chance provides an interesting storyline in one of the nicest instructions sheets I have seem. He sure didn’t spare anything to provide the best here.

    Thanks so much, Chance…very few magic builders come close to your quality and service. I speak for many who appreciate what you are doing for Magic.

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