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Blade Runner by Wild Magic, Fuji Ching

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This was invented by Fuji Ching c. 1991 and called FUJI Ching Finger Chopper. Fuji Ching won the Atsukawa Award for the most creative magical effect of the year 1992.

Effect: An elegant looking, walnut frame is handed out for examination along with a steel blade. The blade is slid into the top of the frame and a wooden match is placed into the smaller of the two holes. A spectator is invited to place his or her finger through the larger of the two holes. The performer thrusts the blade downward, apparently through the spectator’s finger, but breaking the wooden match. Of course, the spectator’s finger is left unharmed. All of the props can be examined both immediately before and after performance.

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1 review for Blade Runner by Wild Magic, Fuji Ching

  1. Tyler Argo

    Just Beautiful

    This is a beautiful piece made from walnut that can be a functioning piece or is worthy of keeping in a display case for collection’s sake. It is nicely made and works great. I’ve had great reactions from it. The fact that there is absolutely no gimmick to find and that it is made of such fine materials elevates the effect to the next level. A great piece. I love mine.

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