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Black and White Transpo by Alan Warner

(c. 1972) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

Effect: The performer opens a small box and removes two wooden chips – one white one black, THE WHITE ONE HAVING A HOLE THROUGH ITS CENTRE. The black chip is replaced in the box and the lid closed, the white one being placed in the performer’s pocket.

A SNAP OF THE FINGERS and the transposition takes place…THE SOLID BLACK CHIP is found in the performer’s pocket and THE WHITE ONE WITH THE HOLE is now in the box.

The tiny wooden box supplied with the effect is of modern design: the exterior is finished in red and black lacquers and the interior is lined with red felt.

One of those ideal “quick” tricks which would fit in between your longer routines. Complete with instructions.



The apparatus comes complete with The Alan Warner Routine.

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Approx. Price: $110.00 (2003) ***

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1 review for Black and White Transpo by Alan Warner

  1. George Guerra

    What a fast switch!

    This is a piece from his painted "era" similar to Curio in methodology. White square with hole and solid black square shown. One is placed in lovely black/red hinged box and the other placed in pockets. With a blink of an eye, they change places. Beautiful and pocket size miracle from a discontinued era in Alan’s long career.

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