Bermuda Cube by Willi Wessel

Product Description

This is probably Willi’s biggest seller, brought to the USA by Howard Schwarzman.  It is a multi-phase routine that uses props that can be examined before and after the routine. The magician puts a wand into the holes drilled through the GREEN SIDES of a tri-coiored BERMUDA CUBE and it passes back and forth normally.

The magician now puts the wand into the hole in the YELLOW FACES but the wand does not emerge from the opposite side; it has to be withdrawn from the side it entered.

Now the magician puts the wand into the RED SIDE and it seems to go completely inside. When the wand is finally withdrawn from the opposite RED FACE the wand has changed color and is now RED. At this point the BERMUDA CUBE and wand can be examined again.

Approx. Price: $249.00 (07/2016) ***

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