Bermuda Cube by Willi Wessel

(c. 1989)

This is probably Willi’s biggest seller, brought to the USA by Howard Schwarzman and his Limited Editions line of magic.  

It is a multi-phase routine that uses props that can be examined before and after the routine. A small die, or cube, is tossed on the table. It is roughly a one-inch cube, two opposite sides of which are red, two are yellow and two are green. Each side has a small hole in it running through the die. The magician also removes a small, black wand.

He pokes the wand through the green side of the cube; it emerges from the other green side of the cube and passes back and forth normally. He then removes the wand and pushes it into one of the yellow sides; but, it won’t pass through. Instead it appears to go into the cube and is then pulled back out of that same side. Finally the wand is pushed into a red side. It appears to go completely into the small cube and when pulled out of the other red side has changed into a red wand. The wand and cube can now be freely examined.

Excellent craftsmanship, and entertaining patter about the wands disappearing into the Bermuda Cube .

Approx. Price: $249.00 (07/2016) ***

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