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American Flag Knife by Joe Mogar

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Effect: Joe Mogar sells four combinations of American Flag knife.

  1. The American Flag on both sides.
  2. The American Flag on top and Red, White, and Blue on the bottom.
  3. The American Flag on top and Red on the bottom (as shown in the photo).
  4. The American Flag and White on the bottom.

All Flag knives have the flag silk screened on the underside of clear plastic.

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Approx. Price: $25.00 (2003) ***

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2 reviews for American Flag Knife by Joe Mogar

  1. Andy Martin

    God Bless America and Joe Mogar!

    What could be more apt these days than performing a high quality knife routine and ending up with the good old Stars and Stripes!

    Thanks to Joe Mogar you can now do it with style too! As with all Joe’s knives they are perfectly balanced and feel so good in your hands.

  2. George Guerra

    Very Striking Knife

    After getting Joe’s bone handle knife set, I decided to order a few more knives. This was one of them. Very nice American flag pattern on one side and I picked the white as the opposite side to match the white in my set of bone handle knives..should have potential for a great routine. The quality of these knives are great and this is from someone who really didn’t have an initial interest in the color changing knife effect, but these knives have made me a convert.
    BTW, I also ordered another set of the bone handle knives but with black as the opposite color

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